Reliable electricity is a must! Yes, we conduit!

There’s no way that a modern home in the 21st century can function without electricity. Electricity is the heartbeat of our lives – it keeps our food cold, our fans running, and our TVs on. There’s not much more you can ask for in life.

At San Cap Home Services, we’re the jack of all trades when it comes to anything electrical. Regarding the wiring of your home, we cover:

  • Panel installations and infrared tests and inspections
    • The electrical panel in your home assures that you’re using electricity in a safe, effective, and efficient way. When we do infrared tests and inspections, we look for hot spots within your house caused by interrupted connections or other issues.
  • Smoke detector estimates and installations
    • Every home must have smoke detectors in order to prevent tragedy by fire. And they always need to be working correctly! We make sure that they are and that they continue to do so.
  • Grounding system inspections
    • If there’s a fault within the wiring system, grounding systems provide a backup path for electricity to travel through.
  • Breaker UL listing inspections
    • These are circuit breakers that are interchangeable between models. We make sure they’re working correctly with the model your home has.
  • Surge protector inspections and installations
    • Surge protectors are devices that prevent dangerous voltage spikes within your system.
  • GFCI safety outlet tests and installations
    • Such outlets are designed to shut off electricity in as little as 1/40th of a second should something go wrong.

We can solve any problem that may arise!

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